Securities & Capital Market

We act for issuers and issuing managers in IPOs, equity financing (including NEEQ list) and refinancing projects inside and outside the PRC. Our capacities include:

IPO / RTO / NEEQ Listing

• Advising on framework for corporate restructuring and drawing up merger and acquisition restructuring plans; Conducting due diligence and preparing reports;

• Advising on reforming corporate governance structures;

• Preparing prospectuses / listing application documentations, etc.;

• Issuing legal opinions and answering enquiries;

• Assisting with approvals and registration procedures etc.

• Drawing up equity-based incentive schemes (eg. employee-shareholding schemes);

• Providing legal advice and services with respect to meeting the Listing / NEEQ requirements;

• Assisting with private placements and relevant financing;

• Assisting with the issuance of preference shares;

• Assisting with market capitalization management.


• Establishing PE fund management companies;

• Advising on the governance and daily operations of PE fund management companies;

• Providing legal advice on the registration of PE fund managers;

• Providing legal advice and updates on major changes in the relevant laws;

• Providing legal services to support fund investment and management;

• Assisting management bodies in establishing various investment funds;

• Conducting due diligence, transaction documentation, etc . for various investment projects;

• Assisting in post-investment management;

• Assisting foreign investors in establishing domestic capital in China;

• Assisting with exit strategies via mergers and acquisitions, listings, etc.;

• Assisting in resolving investment disputes.

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Securities & Capital Market_Representative Cases:

1. Assisting Hengxin Technology Co., Ltd. in Hong Kong;

2. Assisting Rizhao Hengbao Food Company in listing in Malaysia;

3. Entrusted by Shenzhen Jieer Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. to provide legal services for the listing of the New Third Board;

4. Assist Pte.Indopoly Swakarsa Industry Tbk in Indonesia;

5. Assisting Sihuan Pharmaceutical Holding Group Co., Ltd. in listing in Singapore;

6. Assisting OLAM International Limited in listing in Singapore;

7. Assist ZTE Precision Technology Co., Ltd. in listing in Singapore;

8. Assist Chasen Logistics in listing in Singapore;

9. Assist Shenzhen Jieer Display Co., Ltd. to list the domestic new three boards;

10. Assist in the listing of the new three boards of the company.

He Lijuan    【Managing Partner】
He Lijuan 【Managing Partner】
Elise Li 【Partner】
Elise Li 【Partner】
Pan Junqiang    【Partner】
Pan Junqiang 【Partner】
Sun Ding 【Associate】
Sun Ding 【Associate】