Dispute Resolution

The scope of our litigation / arbitration practice include civil disputes, commercial disputes, banking, securities, intellectual property and real estate disputes among many others. Our capacities include:

• Advising on commercial decisions and strategies which may cause potential litigation;

• Acting for foreign and domestic clients in criminal cases and providing risk assessments on criminal liability;

• Background research;

• Property protection measures;

• Conducting litigation claim analysis and strategic study and acting on behalf of clients in civil proceedings such as filing of a lawsuit, appeal, responsing to claim, defense, counterclaim and settlement, etc.;

• Acting for foreign and domestic clients in enforcement of judicial decisions / arbitration awards and other effective legal papers.

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Litigation and Arbitration_Representative Cases:

1. Representing a listed company in a lawsuit involving a total of 60 million yuan in litigation in the Second Intermediate People's Court of Shanghai;

2. Representing a Singapore bookstore in the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (Beijing) to participate in arbitration of joint venture disputes.

He Lijuan    【Managing Partner】
He Lijuan 【Managing Partner】
Elise Li 【Partner】
Elise Li 【Partner】
Pan Junqiang    【Partner】
Pan Junqiang 【Partner】
Sun Ding 【Associate】
Sun Ding 【Associate】