Shirley Chan 丨 Associate
Shirley Chan 丨 Associate

Shirley Chan, a lawyer at Shanghai Veritas Law Corporation, has been in the legal sectors for years. Shirley is a PRC Registered Lawyer and acquired the Private Equity Investment Fund Practising Qualification. She mainly engages in non-contentious legal matters such as overseas listing, overseas investment, international trade, employment and labour.

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Significant Matters:

1. Provides legal services for numerous domestic enterprises in various sectors in international trading.

The clients include electrical appliances companies, cement manufacturers, and construction enterprises, etc., with the counterparties from Kazakhstan, South Korea, Southeast Asia and other countries. In those projects, Shirley takes in consideration the nature of the contract, the property of the subject matter, the ownership of intellectual property rights, etc. so as to optimize the clients’ interests.

2. Represented a domestic footwear manufacturing company to draft an equity investment agreement in Vietnam.

To conduct research on the investment environment and relevant laws and regulations in Vietnam, to draft legal opinions and answer essential questions of the client, to draft investment agreements according to the clients' needs and for risk management.

3. Represented an automobile spare parts company to draft an equity investment agreement regarding the investment in Russia.

To conduct general research on the investment environment in Russia as well as the laws and regulations, to review and revise the agreement on behalf of the client.

4. Represented a listed company in Jiangxi to draft a joint venture agreement and an articles of association of its Mongolian company.

To conduct in-depth research on laws, regulations and investment environment of Mongolia; to redistribute the rights and powers of the BOD and the meetings of shareholders according to the requirements of the client; to increase various requirements and restrictions on the rights and powers of the legal representative which is appointed by the other party.

5. To provide legal services to a domestic industrial company for investment in Indonesia.

To draft and review relevant contracts, including lease contracts, employment contracts, as well as various legal documents for transactions with local enterprises, etc.

6. Represented a China steel corporation to review the EPC contract and relevant agreements with regards to the investment and construction of a steel plant in Vietnam.

According to the needs of the client and the project, to ensure that all guarantees/security are able to cover different stages of the project; to increase various restrictions on the payment terms and acceptance to ensure the safety of payment; to increase inspection/testing methods in relation to the acceptance, completion and outstanding work to ensure that the project can operate safely and meet the capacity requirements.

7, Represented a Chinese company to provide legal services for its project in Abu Dhabi.

According to the content of the project, to review and modify the general contracts and various subcontracts, to negotiate with the counterparties with regards to the terms in relation to various guarantees, acceptance, dispute resolution, etc. for risk reduction.

8. To handle labor disputes, compliance and draft employee handbook for a foreign international trading company.

9. To draft, review and translate the employment contract and employee handbook for an Indian bank in accordance with the latest laws and regulatory requirements.

10. Represented a China listed company to resolve disputes arising from the joint venture contract and international sales contracts with a Korean company.

To draft attorney's letter on behalf of the client, to conduct legal analysis and argumentation on key issues, and to draft application documents for arbitration.

Professional Areas :

 Inbound and Outbound Direct Investment

• Employment and Labor Law

• Securities & Capital Market

• Infrastructure Related Services

• Domestic and Oversea Dispute Resolution   

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