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We are an unique boutique Chinese law firm with fifteen years (since 2007) of good standing and impeccable professionalism, which has, throughout the years, gained us the overall trust and confidence of our clients. . Veritas offers one stop legal and corporate services to its clients both local and overseas, especially being proficient in providing legal services in cross bordered transactions, both inbound and outbound.  

Over 80% of our clients are foreign investors and foreign investment enterprises from all over the world, predominantly referred to us through our global network and association with international legal, accounting, taxation, valuation and industry research firms. Our team with extensive experiences in different legal areas may provide our foreign and local clients with high quality and cost efficient professional works in satisfying their needs both domestic and aboard, in terms of inbound/outbound direct investment, merger & acquisition, initial public offerings, cross bordered litigation/arbitration, contractual and a large variety of different legal matters.

• A boutique law firm providing comprehensive services

• Having s deep insight on client's needs

• Providing high-quality legal services

• Providing comprehensive solutions for different aspects