Securities & Capital Market

We act for issuers and issuing managers in IPOs, equity financing (including NEEQ list) and refinancing projects inside and outside the PRC. Our capacities include:

IPO / RTO / NEEQ Listing

• Advising on framework for corporate restructuring and drawing up merger and acquisition restructuring plans; Conducting due diligence and preparing reports;

• Advising on reforming corporate governance structures;

• Preparing prospectuses / listing application documentations, etc.;

• Issuing legal opinions and answering enquiries;

• Assisting with approvals and registration procedures etc.

• Drawing up equity-based incentive schemes (eg. employee-shareholding schemes);

• Providing legal advice and services with respect to meeting the Listing / NEEQ requirements;

• Assisting with private placements and relevant financing;

• Assisting with the issuance of preference shares;

• Assisting with market capitalization management.


• Establishing PE fund management companies;

• Advising on the governance and daily operations of PE fund management companies;

• Providing legal advice on the registration of PE fund managers;

• Providing legal advice and updates on major changes in the relevant laws;

• Providing legal services to support fund investment and management;

• Assisting management bodies in establishing various investment funds;

• Conducting due diligence, transaction documentation, etc . for various investment projects;

• Assisting in post-investment management;

• Assisting foreign investors in establishing domestic capital in China;

• Assisting with exit strategies via mergers and acquisitions, listings, etc.;

• Assisting in resolving investment disputes.

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Securities & Capital Market_Representative Cases:

1. Assisting Hengxin Technology Co., Ltd. in Hong Kong;

2. Assisting Rizhao Hengbao Food Company in listing in Malaysia;

3. Entrusted by Shenzhen Jieer Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. to provide legal services for the listing of the New Third Board;

4. Assist Pte.Indopoly Swakarsa Industry Tbk in Indonesia;

5. Assisting Sihuan Pharmaceutical Holding Group Co., Ltd. in listing in Singapore;

6. Assisting OLAM International Limited in listing in Singapore;

7. Assist ZTE Precision Technology Co., Ltd. in listing in Singapore;

8. Assist Chasen Logistics in listing in Singapore;

9. Assist Shenzhen Jieer Display Co., Ltd. to list the domestic new three boards;

10. Assist in the listing of the new three boards of the company.