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We have assisted a significant number of foreign companies in setting up foreign investment enterprise (FIE) or their representative organizations in China. Our capacities include:

• Advising and issuing legal opinion on investment and share holding structures of FIEs, tax and financial planning, HR, foreign exchange and corporate governance, etc.;

• Conducting due diligence and issuing reports;

• Attending negotiations and drafting legal documentation;

• Assisting in obtaining approvals and business licenses from relevant authorities;

• Assisting in liquidation issues, including establishing the liquidation committee, making announcements, declarations of claims, making liquidation proposals, as well as going through liquidation procedures in business licenses, tax, customs and foreign exchange.

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FDI_Representative cases:

1. Acting for Singapore listed logistics trust management company to set up a WFOE in  Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone, Shanghai. This company is the first Asia-focused logistics property investment trust company in Singapore;

2. Acting for a client of an American law firm to set up a representative office in Suzhou;

3Acting for a chemical company to set up research & development center in Shanghai. It is a world-leading performance in machinery, vehicles, and other equipments;

4Acting for one of the largest industrial materials and welding products suppliers in Southeast Asia to set up a WFOE in Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone, Shanghai;

5. Acting for a Singapore company to set up a WOFE in Shanghai (Pilot) Free Trade Zone engaging in investment consulting, jewelry and restaurant business.