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Elise Li  丨 Partner
Elise Li 丨 Partner

Elise Li, Partner of Shanghai Veritas Law Corporation. Elise started her practice in 2010, she worked for several leading law firms in China before joining Shanghai Veritas. In 2013, Elise was selected to join Chinese young lawyers training program held by the Bar Council of England and worked at Erskine Chambers in London.

Elise mainly provides services in corporate investment, acquisition and merger, foreign investment, company establishment, bankruptcy and liquidation, commercial franchise, dispute resolution and company's daily legal service. Her practice cover many industries, such as FINTECH, education, medical care, consulting, trade, and manufacturing, etc.  

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Representative matters :

  1. Advising domestic subsidiaries of Hi-p International Limited (a Singapore listed company, a world-leading manufacturing provider of insert molding and metal forming tool) on merges and acquisition;

  2. Representing the seller in the acquisition of Silk Road Development Company by UDL Holdings Limited (a Hong Kong listed company);

  3. Advising Nufin Data Pte. Ltd. (Singapore) on setting up supply chain finance in China, including  advising on company structure and compliance, drafting transaction document;

  4. Advising Jumbo Group of Restaurant Pte., Ltd. (Singapore) on its commercial franchise in China;

  5. Advising AGGE Group (a high-end skin care group) on its commercial franchise in China;

  6. Advising Han Junior Group (a leading early childhood education group in Singapore) on its commercial licensing in China; 

  7. Advising on the liquidation of the Chinese domestic subsidiaries of Hu An Cable Holdings Ltd. (Singapore);

  8. Advising a state-owned bank regarding the dispute of borrowing loans (~1.5 billion) overseas;

  9. Represented Ms. Fan Bingbing (a celebrity) in the retrial case of contract disputes with a cosmetics company;

  10. Represented a Singapore listed company in a lawsuit against a well-known domestic insurance company;

  11. Provided legal advice on the restructuring of a subsidiary company of a well-known transport equipment company in Singapore;

  12. Provided comprehensive legal services for the famous restaurant brand, Jumbo Group of Restaurant Pte. Ltd (Singapore), on setting up franchise in China, including filing for application in the government.

Professional Areas :

• Mergers and Acquisition


• Cybersecurity and Privacy

• Commercial Franchise

• Dispute Resolution

Location : Shanghai

Telephone : 8621 68865603--806

E-mail :

Working Language : Mandarin, English.