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Li Weiqun丨Professor
Li Weiqun丨Professor

Li WeiQuan, Ph.D Candidates Supervisor/Professor, East Asia University of Political Science and Law

Education Background

Graduate of East Asai University of Political Science and Law, Master and Doctorate in Law, University of Nagoya, Japan; Visiting Scholar of the State Oversea Students Funding Committee at the University of Tokyo on the research of comparative studies of Sino Japanese Insurance Law.

Working Experience

Professor Li is engaged in the teaching and research of insurance law and bills of exchange law at East Asia University of Political Science and Law, and serves as the director of the Institute of Insurance Law and the director of the Japanese Law Research Center.

Part Time Appointment

Professor Li serves as Vice President of Shanghai Insurance Society, Arbitrator of Shanghai Arbitration Commission and Arbitrator of Zhanjiang International Arbitration Court.

Professor Li published dozens of papers in CSSCI source journals such as 'Legal Studies', 'Comparative Law Research', 'Social Science', 'Politics and Law', etc. He has presided over two provincial and ministerial research projects and seven other projects of Shanghai Municipal Government Office, Shanghai Financial Court, Shanghai Insurance Regulatory Bureau, etc.

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