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Ms. He Lijuan was invited to attend Malaysia Investment Promotion Conference
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On the afternoon of November 11, Ms. He Lijuan, the managing partner of Shanghai Veritas Law Corporation, was invited to participate in the 'Malaysia Johor State Economic and Trade Cooperation forum' sponsored by the Commerce Bureau of Huishan District, Wuxi City. The meeting aims to encourage Wuxi’s enterprises to invest in Malaysia's manufacturing and related services industry and strengthen the bilaterally friendly relations between China and Malaysia and deepen the bilateral economic and trade cooperation. First of all, Mr. Steven Choong Shian Yoon, the member of Parliament of Malaysia , delivered the speech. Later, Mr. Anthony Wong, director of investment at Malaysian Investment Development Authority at Shanghai Office, introduced that in the past 18 years, the investment from China injected in Malaysia’s manufacturing projects has topped the list. In order to attract more investment, Malaysia has implemented many preferential policies, including equity structure, income remittance and employment of foreign employees. Among them, participants in the national industry 4.0 policy can enjoy preferential treatment such as emerging industry status, investment tax relief, reinvestment incentive, import tax exemption, etc.

Ms. He Lijuan was invited to attend Malaysia Investment Promotion Conference

Ms. He Lijuan delivered a speech on the theme of 'Legal Protection for Overseas Investment of Domestic Enterprises,” which mainly introduced the legal application and risks of domestic enterprises' overseas investment. Ms. He mentioned that the Measures for the Administration of Overseas Investment implemented in 2014 simplified the process of administrative examination and approval, and established a new administrative mode of 'Mainly for filing, supplemented by approval '. In 2015, the State Administration of Foreign Exchange abolished the administrative examination and approval procedures of foreign exchange registration under the subject of overseas direct investment. Currently, such procedures have been applied to the bank directly. In addition, Ms. He put forward the following legal suggestions for the enterprise's overseas investment: (i) Fully understand the laws of the host country, mainly to have a broad understanding of the security of investment. (ii) Conduct detailed due diligence. The focus of the due diligence varies according to the particular situation of the target company or potential project. Generally speaking, environmental protection, patent, tax, labor and other aspects will always implicate greater risks that should be attached special attention. (iii) Contemplate and design transaction structures and financing methods. (iv) Be familiar with the international intellectual property laws, and flexibly address overseas intellectual property infringement.

After Ms. He’s presentation, Mr. Joe Chong Chai Choo, the President of ASQ Consulting Group, introduced the requirements and registration procedures for the establishment of a private limited company in Malaysia. Finally, Ms. Zheng Wanxia, the assistant of sales director of AME Development BHD of Tengyu Group, introduced the Industrial Park (“I-Park”) located in Iskandar Special Economic Zone, Malaysia. After the end of all the presentations, Ms. He Lijuan communicated in-depth with leaders of Huishan district of Wuxi, Bureau of Commerce and representatives of all companies about policy trends and legal risks of overseas investment and established contact.

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