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Shanghai Veritas Law Launched a series of public welfare courses
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Shanghai Veritas Law Corporation, SBA Stone Forest and Singapore Enterprises Center Jointly Launched a Series of Online Courses for the Public Interest

Our law firm, SBA Stone Forest and Singapore Enterprises Center jointly launched a series of live courses for the public interest to help Singapore companies get through the pandemic situation. On April 23, 2020, the first live course will be carried out online. Our managing partner Ms. He Lijuan, and Jam Yang, who is the senior consultant and department manager of SBA Stone Forest’s Corporate Advisory and Consulting Department, jointly provided relevant explanations and comprehensive policy guidance from professional perspectives for corporate executives, finance, personnel, etc. regarding the new Foreign Investment Law implemented since January 1, 2020.

Shanghai Veritas Law  Launched a series of public welfare courses

Ms. He Lijuan mainly introduced that how to use the new law to adjust the company structure and protect shareholders' rights. The course is divided into five major contents. First, Mr. He introduced the promulgation of the Foreign Investment Law and its important changes. Relevant major changes include: introduction of pre-entry national treatment and negative list system; uniform application of company law, partnership law and antitrust law when establishing and operating the foreign-invested enterprises; remodeling of foreign investment supervision system; introduction of foreign investment information reporting system; the intensive promotion and protection of foreign investment. Later, Ms. He introduced five special administrative measures designed to regulate foreign investment admission, including the negative list system, pre-entry national treatment, anti-monopoly review for enterprises combination, and national security review. Later, she mentioned that after the implementation of the Foreign Investment Law, the supervision system regulating foreign investment has also changed. Among them, the local commercial bureaus with different level of powers have no longer accepted and processed approval application for the establishment and change of foreign-invested enterprises. Next, Ms. He focused on the transitional provisions and adjustment methods of the corporate governance of foreign-invested enterprises and the protection of shareholders' rights and interests provided in the Foreign Investment Law. Finally, she provided professional legal advice on corporate governance during the COVID-19 period, and expressed that Shanghai Veritas Law Corporation is dedicated to providing various legal services for foreign-invested enterprises funded by Singapore to overcome the difficult situations.