Outbound Investment

We assist clients in their outbound investments, collaborating with lawyers from other jurisdictions to best represent our clients' benefits. Our capacities include:

• Assisting clients in searching and selecting proper overseas partners or investment projects;

• Designing optimal investment structures to maximize our clients' benefits;

• Assessing the legal environment and risks of the jurisdiction of the intended location;

• Advising on procedures of outbound investment;

• Assisting clients in obtaining approvals from Chinese and foreign authorities;

• Preparing outbound investment application and relevant documents;

• Providing legal assist in commercial negotiation and company governance;

• Assisting clients in liaising with local counsels and other professionals.

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Outbound Investment_Representative cases:

1. Acting for a real estate company in Shanghai to issue legal opinion and advice on its acquisition of a Singapore company;

2. Acting for a energy resource trade company in Nanjing to issue legal opinion and advice on its establishment of company in Singapore and to assist with the approval procedure.

He Lijuan    【Managing Partner】
He Lijuan 【Managing Partner】
Elise Li 【Partner】
Elise Li 【Partner】
Pan Junqiang    【Partner】
Pan Junqiang 【Partner】
Sun Ding 【Associate】
Sun Ding 【Associate】