Local and International Dispute Resolution

Our scope of services in relation to domestic and oversea litigation and arbitration matters covers the areas of civil, commercial, banking, securities, intellectual property and real estate. We have built up extensive experience through our years of practice, focusing our research and development principally on business sectors which demand advanced industrial skills and/or having high technical elements, resulting in us developing our professional advantages in the areas of disputes involving foreign parties, real state, finance and intellectual property. Our services on local dispute resolution matters include:


Local Dispute Resolution 


• Providing our advice in relation to potential litigation risk caused by certain commercial decision or policy;

•  (On criminal matters) Assessing the risk of incurring criminal liability and representing local and foreign clients in criminal matters;

• Conducting background check in relation to the subject matter of the claim;

• Taking protective measures on clients’ assets;

• Analyzing litigation claims and researching on litigation tactics; participating in domestic civil litigation proceeding by means of initiating civil proceeding, making appeal, answering a claim, raising a defence, a counterclaim and out of court settlement;

• Representing local and foreign clients in enforcing judgment, decisions or other enforcement measures at various level of the People’s courts.

• Representing foreign and local clients in handling local arbitration matter, our services include,drafting arbitration application, participating in the arbitration proceedings, and arbitration award enforcement action


International Dispute Resolution


We may through our international netork, organize a team of attorneys having extensive experience from a number of different foreign jurisdictions to assist client in handling international dispute resolution. Our services on international dispute resolution matters include the following:


• Analyzing subject matter of the litigation/arbitration and formulating litigation/arbitration tactics;

• Recommending to client law firms in foreign jurisdiction where the case will be conducted;

• Working with the appointed foreign law firm in preparing the case for litigation/arbitration, such as the collection and compilation of all relevant evidence for the case, coordinating with the appointed foreign law firm on drafting various pleadings and advising client thereon;

• Assisting client in preparing witnesses statements;

• Managing the case on behalf of client and advising client on progress and strategy;

• Accompanying client to attend foreign court or arbitration tribunal, if needed.


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Typical Examples of Litigation and Arbitration Related Matters


Matters Represented by Us:


1. Acting for a Singapore listed company in a arbitration award enforcement application in the Second Intermediate People's Court of Shanghai, the subject matter of which involves a total sum of RMB140 million;

2. Acting for a foreign invested enterprise in Tianjin in an insurance claim litigation matter in Tianjin No 3 People’s Court, Tianjin People’s High Court, and the Supreme People’s Court;

3. Acting for a Singapore bookstore in an arbitration of joint venture disputes matter at the China International Economic and Trade Arbitration Commission (Beijing); 

4. Acting for a Korea patent owner in a litigation matter in relation to an appearance patent dispute in the Shenzhen Intermediate People's Court and the Guangdong Higher People's Court;

5. Acting for a Singapore permanent resident in a divorce litigation over a marital dispute in the Shanghai Minhang District People's Court;

6. Acting for a State-owned enterprise in Hangzhou in an arbitration matter in the  Singapore International Arbitration Centre;

7. Acting for a substantial German vehicle company in litigation matters over certain sales contractual disputes in the courts in Beijing, Jilin, Jiangsu, Shandong and other places in China;

8. Acting for a refrigeration engineering company in a litigation matter over certain contractual disputes in the Longde County People's Court and the Guyuan Intermediate People's Court of Ningxia;

9. Acting for a foreign invested design company in Shanghai in a litigation matter regarding the dispute over a design contract and the dispute over the liquidation liability in the People's Court of Pudong New Area, Shanghai;

10. Acting for a Singaporean beneficiary in a litigation matter over confirmation of  shareholders' qualification in the Suzhou Intermediate People's Court.