Legal Retainer Service

Our bi-lingual team offers comprehensive legal services pertaining to the daily operational matters of local and foreign clients of different industries. Particulars of our services include:

• Providing legal advice on major commercial decisions as well as matters per to a change in operational structure (including listing, financing, etc.);

• Attending board meetings or shareholders' meetings by invitation;

• Drafting, reviewing, amending and rendering advice on agreements, contracts prior to final signing,

• Drafting, reviewing and amending internal regulations and other documentations, as well as providing legal advice on comprehensive risk management;

• Assisting clients in handling labor disputes and other litigation / arbitration matter;

• Providing legal training to company’s staff pursuant to company’s requirements.


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Matters Represented by Us:


We provide legal retainer services to companies from various industries which include:

1. Banking & financial institutions;

2. Food & beverages;

3. Logistics & warehousing;

4. Precision equipment distribution;

5. Medical & care for the old aged;

6. Real estate, development and installation;

7. Manufacturing;

8. Cosmetology clinics;

9. Human resource services;

10. Accounting & consulting services.