Banking and Finance

We have assisted multiple domestic and foreign financial institutions and companies in credit facilities, syndicated loans, import & export credit, ship leasing and financing and other related finance projects. Our capacities include:


• Advising on load and guarantee plan for financing projects;

• Drafting loan and guarantee agreements and providing legal advice and recommendation on regulatory compliance matters;

• Registering for related loans and guarantees;

• Disposal of bank bad assets;

• Syndicated loans;

• Assisting banks in resolving relevant disputes, etc.


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Typical Examples of Banking and Finance Related Matters


Matters Represented by Us:


1. Acting for Singapore Federer Environment and Energy Co., Ltd. in a financing transaction involving the review and negotiation of a syndicated loan and counter-guarantee contract with the Bank of Communications;

2. Acting for Singapore DBS Bank to provide relevant legal services on the transfer of accounts receivable in commercial loan projects;

3. Acting for the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Singapore Branch to provide legal advice to the bank on matters relating to external guarantees in China;

4. Acting for UOB to provide legal opinions on issues relating to corporate guarantees provided by Chinese companies;

5. Acting for Singapore's UOB to provide legal services on shipping financing matters with Singapore companies;

6. Acting for a Hefei real estate company in a project financing matter;

7. Acting for a Xi'an real estate company in a project financing matter;

8. Acting for a Henan real estate company in a project financing matter;

9 Acting for a Singapore Bank to provide legal opinion on some secured financing issues;

10. Acting for a bank on drafting and advising on a Share Mortgage Agreement, and attending to the registration of the mortgage.