Intellectual Property (IP) Rights

Our Intellectual Property lawyers are well-versed in the latest developments in the ever-changing IP laws and framework as well as managing and developing those IP rights.Our capacities include:

• Advising on corporate trademark, patent, copyright and other IP strategy;

• Drafting legal documentation of IP assignment, licensing, investment and confidentiality;

• Advising on IP registration, assignment, licensing, prosecution, trade secrets and unfair  competition matters;

• Providing legal services on protection and anti-monopoly of IT, E-commerce, domain name and trademark;

• Acting for clients on IP litigation / arbitration including trademark, patent, copyrights and domain names issues;

• Working with our foreign partners in offering international intellectual property protection servcies to our clients.


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Typical Examples of Intellectual Property Rights Related Matters


Matters Represented by Us:


1. Acting for a substantial property management company on ant-infringement matters, including issuing lawyer's letter, reporting to relevant government departments and filing a lawsuit;

2. Acting for a software company in ant-infringement matters, include negotiating with offenders on licensing agreement etc.;

3. Acting for a transport equipment company in its patent application;

4. Acting for and advising a listed Singapore food & beverages group on matters relating to licensing of its trademark and franchise operation;

5. Acting for and advising a US chemical company on its intellectual property protection scheme and trademark application;

6. Acting for a French automobile accessories company to advise them on the strategy for trademark protection of their products, anti-infringement action which includes investigation, complaint through the internet, administrative complaint and litigation;

7. Acting for an US invested company to advise on matters relating to the protection of their trade secret;

8. Acting for a Dubai investor to advise on matters relating to a refusal to register its  trademark, and re-filing of the trademark and successful registration;

9. Acting for a Finnish software company on the protection over a violation of software copyright which includes investigation on the offender, issuance of lawyer’s letter, negotiation with the offender and demand for signing a software licensing agreement etc.;

10. Acting for a domestic invested company to advise on copyright issues relating to the distribution of its NET.