Employment and Labour Law

We have had extensive experience in handling employment and labour disputes arising in the course of daily operation of enterprises, particularly those involving foreign investment enterprises. Our services include:


• Setting up HR management system;

• Drafting and/or reviewing labour contract, training services agreement, non-competition agreement, confidentiality agreement, intellectual protection agreement between the employer and its employees, as well as employees manual;

• Providing legal advice and opinion on matters pertaining to the transfer, dismissal or relocation of employees due to the reorganization or merger and acquisition process of the enterprise;

• Assisting client in handling and resolving labour issues, labour dispatch, labour outsourcing matters arsing in daily operation;

• Assisting client in handling arbitration and litigation matters arising from labour disputes.


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Typical Examples of Employment and Labour Law Related Matters


Matters Represented by Us:


1. Acting for a foreign owned catering company to assist in drafting company's major rules and regulations, such as employee's handbook, recruitment and layoffs rule, and company management system etc;

2. Acting for a foregin software company to provide legal service relating to employees’ layoffs, such as reviewing the proposal, and participating in negotiations on the layoffs etc;

3. Acting for a food trading company in the arbitration and litigation of labor disputes;

4. Acting for a French lubricant company in the arbitration and litigation of labor disputes;

5. Acting for a Shanghai advisory company to assist in drafting and reviewing employment contract, confidentiality agreements, and other relevant documents;

6. Acting for a freight forwarding company in advising and drafting relevant documents in the termination of labor contract;

7. Acting for a foreign advisory company to advise on matters relating to employee's social security, salary structure and labor contract;

8. Acting for a Shanghai science & technology company to provide legal opinions on dealing with undisciplined employees;

9. Acting for a Shanghai subsidiary of Malaysian listed company to advise on compensation matter for female employee who is in her pregnancy, laboring and nursing period;

10. Acting for a Singaporean listed company to advise and draft settlement agreements on labor disputes between employer and executives due to a merger of the company;