Labor Legal Service

We are experienced in dealing with labor issues and labor disputes arising from daily corporate operation, especially those concerning FIEs. Our capacities include:

• Assisting in establishing HR management system;

• Drafting and reviewing employment contract, special agreements between emplyer and employees,such as training agreements, non-competition agreements, confidentiality agreements, and IPprotection agreements etc., as well as company's major rules and regulations;

• Advising and issuing legal opinion on staff transfer,dismissal and settlement in process of M&A and liquidation;

• Assisting in and solving day-to-day labor issues, labor dispatching and outsourcing problems;

• Assisting in arbitration and litigation arising from labor disputes.

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Labor Legal Service_Representative Cases:

1. Acting for a catering company to assist in drafting company's major rules and regulations, such as employee's handbook, recruitment and layoffs rule,and enterprise management system etc;

2. Acting for a software company to provide legal service of layoffs, such as reviewing the proposal, and participating in negotiations of layoffs etc;

3. Acting for a food trade company in the arbitration and litigation of labor disputes;

4. Acting for a French lubricant company in the arbitration of labor disputes;

5. Acting for a Shanghai advisory company to assist in drafting and reviewing employment contract, confidentiality agreements, and other relevant documents;

6. Acting for a freight forwarding company in advising and drafting lawyer's letter to terminate labor contract;

7. Acting for a foreign advisory company to assist in employee's social security, salary structure and labor contract;

8. Acting for a Shanghai science & technology company to issue legal opinions on dealing with undisciplined employees;

9. Acting for a Shanghai subsidiary of Malaysian listed company to assist in the compensation for female employee who is in her pregnancy, confinement or nursing period;

10. Acting for a Singaporean listed company to advise and draft settlement agreements on labor disputes between employer and executives due to merger.

He Lijuan    【Managing Partner】
He Lijuan 【Managing Partner】
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Elise Li 【Partner】
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Pan Junqiang 【Partner】
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Sun Ding 【Associate】