Legal Retainer Service

We strive to develop a deep understanding of their individualized needs regarding their daily business operations including M&A, investment & financing, private equity, listing, corporate governance, etc. Our capacities include:

• Advising on corporate governance, compliance, major business decisions, as well as the alteration of operational structure (including listing, financing,etc.);

• Attending board meetings or shareholders' meetings by invitation;

• Drafting, reviewing, amending and rendering advice on agreements, contracts, internal regulations and other documentations, as well as providing comprehensive risk management;

• Assisting in corporate labor disputes and other litigation / arbitration issues;

• Our bilingual team attending to business's negotiations and drafting, reviewing and amending bilingual contracts as you required;

• Providing legal training to employees as required by clients.

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Legal Retainer Service_Representative Case:

1. Provide perennial legal services to dozens of clients.

He Lijuan    丨  Managing Partner
He Lijuan 丨 Managing Partner
Elise Li  丨 Partner
Elise Li 丨 Partner
Pan Junqiang    丨 Partner
Pan Junqiang 丨 Partner
Sun Ding  丨 Associate
Sun Ding 丨 Associate