Compliance Management

Compliance Management 

Working together with the company and its management team to:

 • define the scope of the compliance management system;

 • identify compliance obligations;

 • identify, analyze and evaluate compliance risks;

 • draft compliance policy;

 • identify organizational roles,individual job position and their cooresponding duties, responsibilities and authorities;

 • assign responsibility for compliance within the company;

 • form a compliance governing body and to determine the top management role and responsibilities;

 • set compliance function, management and employees responsibilities;

 • draft an action plan to address compliance risk, nonconformity, noncompliance and corrective action;

 • Conducting training for management and employees;

 • Conducting compliance performance evaluation on regular intervals and issue a compliance report for such matter and our recommendation on improvement;

 • Conducting compliance review on regular intervals or at least once a year and issue a compliance review report of our findings and recommendation.